Sunchemical has been founded in the early 80' with the intent to apply the knowledge of the industrial chemistry of that period, to extend the range of fertilizers known, mainly for the fertigation and for the foliar treatments. At that time the nutrition was still anchored to the traditional granular fertilizers, but the market was ready to some diverse formulas, responding to the needs of the new agronomic knowledge.

The new philosophy of nutrition was focused on a rational fertilization which could satisfy the needs of the plant during all the vegetative phases in the whole year. 
The first 20 years are characterized by the consolidation of these innovative agronomic practices. At a later time the company offered on the market a new mission: to combine nutrition to the defence.
The nutrition does not only bring the elements that the plant uses to build its biomass and to complete the crop cycle, it also supplies substances that interfere with all anabolic and catabolic reactions where the mechanism to safeguard the health of the plant takes place. 
Now we have developed a wide range of nutraceuticals and fertilizers to use in case of emergency that respond well to the market demand for a healthy agriculture with a good taste of the fruits, practical and usable with the future needs of agriculture.