AGRUMIN L is a micronutrient association with a purposely studied ratio in order to prevent and control micronutrient deficiencies of orchards and expecially of citrus trees. The negative consequences of Zinc and Magnesium deficiencies are well-know in citrus plantations: the production is usually very poor, with fruits of small size, with a thick peel and a insipid pulp. The symptoms of these deficiencies are: smaller leaves, with yellowing, shoots with shorter internodes, shed of the leaves. It is therefore indispensable to bring all the basic micronutrients through foliar applications (in the form of soluble and readily assimilable salts), catalyzing the processes of oxide-reduction, of chlorophyll formation and synthesis of growth regulator of the plant and fruit.

Formulation: fluid

Law reference: EC (Reg. 2003/2003)

Treatment type: Foliar fertilization

Fertilizer type: Inorganic micro-nutrient fertilizers - Solid or fluid mixtures of micro-nutrients


  • 0,3 % Boron soluble in water (-)
  • 4 % Manganese soluble in water (-)
  • 4 % Zinc soluble in water (-)


Banana - Chinese pear tree - Citrus fruits - Diospyros / Persimmon - Fig tree / Edible - Goji - Guayule - Jujuble tree - Kiwi-fruit tree - Litchi or Lychee - Loquate - Mango - Medlar-tree - Mulberry - Nutshell fruits - Olive tree - Ornamental plants - Papaya - Passion fruit or Maracuja - Pome fruit - Pomegranate tree - Prickly pear - Rowan tree / Mountain ash - Stone fruits - Strawberry tree - Table grape - Vegetables - Wine grape - Avocado